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ITsport was founded as a company in 2016, with the aim of improving sports activities – initially in the Republic of Croatia, before expanding to other countries – with a long-term view of multinational interaction in this field.


Computer programing

The company has developed two computer/mobile application modules within its ITsport Manager System – ITsport Membership & ITsport Competitions

Sports equipment

ITsport involves representation of sports equipment manufacturers, where we can work with our customers on the custom innovative design and production of special sports equipment and sports interiors.


This involves consultation and mediation in financial and legal issues that are experienced by Sports Clubs, Sports Associations and related companies.

ITsport Manager

Applications within the ITsport Manager System are excellent for solving many organisational and marketing problems within the sports industry, using complex algorithms to support the organization of sports competitions, with additional parts of the system supporting financial and legal aspects of the sports industry.

ITsport Memberships

The ITsport Membership Module can be used to manage the activities of the member register, interactive communication at all levels (for both membership and personnel), the collection of all forms of receivables and the management of accounts and business operations.

ITsport Competitions

The ITsport Competition Module can be used for the organization of sports competitions, allowing sports clubs and organizations to manage entries to competitions, deregistration of competitors, and the processing and recording of performances and results more efficiently with maximum accuracy.

ITsport Memberships

Sports equipment

We offer custom innovative design and production of special sports equipment and sports interior


We provide bespoke services for individual clients, who will receive the expert advice of experienced personnel with many years of service in large, well-known Sports Clubs. They are well-experienced in organizing sports events, with particular expertise in the use of the most up-to-date software technology.


ITsport j.d.o.o.
Antuna Šoljana 5
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
VAT: HR28861858269
IBAN: HR0424020061100802128


Phone: +385 99 327 3232